OPACI-COAT 300® Spandrel Glass Coatings

Tri-Temp Glass Inc. is a certified fabricator of ICD’s professional grade OPACI-COAT Glass Coatings. OPACI-COAT 300® is a silicone-based coating used to cover spandrel and wall cladding glass. This form of coating was created with the purpose of providing architects with a wide array of capabilities surrounding the customization of glass. The chemical composition of the coating provides durability and an unlimited selection of color capabilities. The processing of OPACI-COAT 300® is a nearly 100% resource efficient process and has been classified as a Zero-Volatile Organic Compounds paint according to the Environment Protection Agency. It also contains no harmful chemicals making it the best environmentally friendly solution to painting glass and providing opaqueness.

OPACI-COAT 300® was created by ICD who are strong believers in the sustainable architecture movement. This product was created using the guidance of United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) during product development.

Ceramic enamel frit lowers the flexural strength of heat-strengthened and tempered glass by up to 40%, increasing the possibility of breakage. Ceramic enamel frit is prone to thermal stress breakage which occurs due to large temperature differences across a singular piece of glass. Ceramic enamel frit will lower the amount of temperature difference it takes for thermal stress breaking to occur. Conversely, OPACI-COAT 300® increases the strength of glass it is applied to by 28%.

The addition of OPACI-COAT 300, to certain thicknesses, will qualify the glass as having fallout protection. If the glass were to break, the silicone coating would hold the broken glass and prevent it from falling from any structure. In order for a ceramic frit coating to qualify as having fallout protection, a nylon fabric adhesive “scrim” must be applied to the inside surface of the glass.

opaci-coat 300 machine

(Picture of Tri-Temp Inc.’s painting machine which applies OPACI-COAT 300®)

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Tri-Temp Glass has manufactured tempered glass for showers, railings, entrance systems, interior partitions and architectural glass applications since 2007. In 2015 we began to produce custom tempered/laminated glass. In 2016 we introduced bent tempered glass and bent tempered/laminated glass to our product lines.

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