SentryGlas®️ Laminated Glass

Tri-Temp Glass stocks several cases of .060 SentryGlas®️ interlayers, in sizes up to 84 x 120. Our substantial inventory enables us to complete most orders in 2 to 3 weeks. 

SentryGlas®️ was originally developed for skyscraper buildings that require hurricane glazing protection in the United States. The use of Sentryglas®️ has expanded to many other forms of architecture including: facades, overhead glazing, doors, glass railings, glass floors and interior glass partitions.

SentryGlas®️ inter-layers are used to laminate glass and provide superior strength and  safety. SentryGlas®️ is 5x stronger and 100x stiffer than other conventional laminating film. The strength possessed by SentryGlas®️ allows architects to push previous building ideas incorporating glass to a higher standard. SentryGlas®️ also retains its clarity much better than any other lamination film on the market.

sentryglasSentryGlas®️ lamination film layers are less vulnerable to moisture exposure or yellowing.

SentryGlas®️ laminated glass applications:

  • Blast and hurricane resistant windows and doors
  • Structural glass stairways, glass floors, glass bridges
  • Minimal support glass railings, canopies, walkways




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Tri-Temp Glass has manufactured tempered glass for showers, railings, entrance systems, interior partitions and architectural glass applications since 2007. In 2015 we began to produce custom tempered/laminated glass. In 2016 we introduced bent tempered glass and bent tempered/laminated glass to our product lines.

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