Water-Based Back Painted Glass

Tri-Temp Glass Inc. is a certified manufacturer of water-based back painted glass. Back painted glass is produced for the purpose of providing flexibility to design preferences. Due to it’s flexibility in design preferences, it has gained popularity in both the commercial and residential sector. Commercially, it is applied to office spaces to indicate the professionalism of an environment. Residential units most commonly use back painted glass in kitchens as a back splash. The glass is easy to clean and it is a non-porous material which helps cut down on spread of bacteria.

back painted glass

(Water-based back painted glass utilized to separate hallway from auditorium)

Water-based back painted glass advantages:

  • Diverse customization capabilities
  • Easy-to-clean surface – fingers prints are hardly visible
  • Environmentally friendly – low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Application and installation of glass is safe for staff – low VOC
  • LEED points contribution for new buildings
  • Not flammable
  • Easy transportation – eligible for air transport

Why is Water-based paint better than solvent-based paint?

  • Water-based paint is not flammable. Solvent-based paint is highly flammable, which limits ease of air transportation (Solvent-based must be shipped in fire cabinets)
  • Water-based paint is created with a low VOC making it easy to handle. Solvent-based paint is dangerous to handle due to evaporation of VOC
  • Water-based paint has few restrictions regarding installation environment. Solvent-based paint must be installed in a location with proper ventilation and safety equipment


The following link demonstrates the application process Tri-Temp Glass Inc. utilizes.

Application of Water-based Back Painted Glass


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Tri-Temp Glass has manufactured tempered glass for showers, railings, entrance systems, interior partitions and architectural glass applications since 2007. In 2015 we began to produce custom tempered/laminated glass. In 2016 we introduced bent tempered glass and bent tempered/laminated glass to our product lines.

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